House Cannith

Mark of Making
Tinkers Guild: repairs and maintenance
Fabricators Guild: construction and production
Race: Human
Heraldic beast: Gorgon
Month/Moon: Eyre (Mid-spring, ~April, fourth moon)

The most politically powerful dragonmarked house, House Cannith is an organization of experts on dragonshards and artificery, behind the invention of such marvels as everbright lanterns, the lightning rail, and the warforged. Their wares are seen as extremely well-made, and their gorgon mark is a trusted symbol of quality on goods both mundane and magical.

Originally based in the kingdom of Cyre before its fall, the house is divided into two distinct factions that are vying for control of the house in the wake of the destruction of their home nation: Cannith South in Breland, and Cannith North in Karrnath. There were formerly three competing factions, but Cannith West was absorbed by Cannith South in 1003 YK.

Dragonmark Abilities: The Mark of Making grants the power to mend or fabricate material goods.


The Mark of Making first appeared about 2,500 years ago among craftsmen in ancient Cyre. These craftsmen banded together and formed Clan Cannith, creating small clanholds throughout Cyre.

During the War of the Mark, Cannith was one of the more involved participants among the dragonmarked houses, and during this time discovered the Mark of Finding, and helped found House Medani. In the wake of the War they launched a campaign of alliances with several other houses, partnering with them to create works of artificery and enchantment to further all houses’ interests.

In the Last War, Cannith established itself as an arms dealer and, with the invention of the warforged, a mercenary contractor. The Five Nations were so dependent on Cannith in this time that they built Cannith both a tremendous fortune and a wealth of political power. With the end of the war, the Treaty of Thronehold prevents Cannith from manufacturing more warforged and limits its ability to produce weapons, weakening its position somewhat since the War.

The Day of Mourning divided Cannith into three separate factions, each claiming their leader had the right to succeed Starrin d’Cannith, the last true patriarch of the house. These factions included Cannith South in Breland, Cannith West in Aundair, and Cannith East in Karrnath. Cannith South absorbed Cannith West in 1003 YK, at which point Cannith East renamed itself to Cannith North.

In 1000 YK, Cannith South revealed an early version of the “Equilibrius,” a sort of factory intended as a successor to the old Creation Forges, which could produce magical goods with a scale and scope that had never been seen before. With this, Cannith South seemed poised to reunite the House, but the device was short lived — the Eclipse Collective confiscated the core component of the Equilibrius in 1002 YK, bringing its functionality to a standstill and nearly ruining Cannith South.

Cannith South’s efforts are now largely focused on trying to repair the Equilibrius, which have been met with limited success so far.


House Cannith possesses the Mark of Making, which grants the power to make and mend inanimate objects. Marked scions are among the most skilled and efficient tinkerers and inventors in Eberron.

Guilds and Organizations

Fabricators Guild — The most famous of Cannith’s operations, the Fabricators guild fabricates goods of all kinds, sealing them with the stamp of the gorgon to show the house’s involvement in their creation. All sorts of goods from weaponry to saddlery are produced by the Fabricators guild and sold in emporiums throughout Khorvaire.

Tinkers Guild — Though not as famous as the Fabricators Guild, the Tinkers Guild is arguably more popular. Its members are traveling artisans who stop periodically in towns and settlements to repair broken or damaged items. Cannith elders see traveling with the Tinkers Guild as a character building exercise, and many young dragonmarked scions spend some time in their company.

House Cannith

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