Adventure Log

Act I — Apprentice

Chapter 1. Snipe Hunt (Rhaan 24, 1027 YK – Sypheros 5, 1027 YK)

Two agents of House Deneith, an unscrupulous two-member alchemy company, and two corners of a love triangle set out into the swamps of the Shadow Marches in search of missing House Tharashk mercenaries.

Chapter 2. Force of Nature (Rhaan 24, 1027 YK – Sypheros 5, 1027 YK)

In pursuit of the missing mercenaries, the party is caught up in a plot to release a primal archfey into the world.

Chapter 3. Fairy Tales (Timeline Unknown)

Now in Thelanis, the Faerie Courts, the party continues their search for the missing mercenaries and becomes trapped in the realm of an archfey who embodies stories about guys named Jack, and some other bigger guys.

Act II — Heroic

Chapter 4. The Isle of Dread (Timeline Unknown)

After a year adrift on a sea in Thelanis, the party finally lands at the Isle of Dread, where they must brave the many dangers of the island to find the missing mercenaries and get back home.

Time Marches