Population: 1,200,000
Ruler: The Triumvirate
Capital: Trolanport

The homeland of the gnomes, Zilargo is a colorful and peaceful land, strongly outspoken against physical violence and outright conflict of any kind. The Zil gnomes are the foremost authorities on magical arts in Khorvaire, particularly in the fields of alchemy and elemental binding, and put a high priority on knowledge over any other pursuit.


The Zil gnomes have lived in Khorvaire around Zilargo for thousands of years. They have thrived despite repeated incursions from their neighbours, and have always managed to obtain some level of independence. Before the Last War, Zilargo was an independent province of Galifar, and remained neutral in the war until 962 YK, when they became aligned with Breland. Even then, they provided few troops to their allies, but the innovations and inventions they offered combined with incredibly effective spies made them invaluable in the conflict.

Culture & Society

The Zil gnomes consider information to be priceless. The city of Korranberg — central settlement of House Sivis — is home to the famous Library of Korranberg, the greatest repository of knowledge in Khorvaire. The Library is also the provider of the most reliable source of daily news on the continent, the Korranberg Chronicle.

Yet even with this fixation on knowledge and abhorrence of public violence, the Zil see nothing wrong with blackmail, bribery, and unethical schemes of all sorts. These things are seen as mental exercise and entertainment, and just about any given gnome is likely involved in at least six such plots at a time. Darker and more serious schemes also lay beneath Zilargo’s otherwise peaceful exterior, and the balance of power in the nation is a fluid, constantly-shifting landscape of strange intrigue and dangerous political games.

Recently, the Cult of Lharvion has gained a surprising foothold here, after a mass influx of missionaries from Eros that arrived about 25 years ago.


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