“There is nothing that does not belong to he who is willing to take it.”
- Valenar proverb

Population: 200,000
Ruler: High King Paeral Kasseris

Valenar is the nation of the warlike elves of Khorvaire, a contrasting land of desert and jungles. The Valaes Tairn elves do not welcome outsiders to their lands, and actively fight those who trespass, travelling in large horse-riding bands that also frequently raid their neighbours’ borders.


Valenar is a relatively new nation, at least in name. Situated at the southeastern edge of Khorvaire, its history goes back more than ten thousand years when the first elves migrated from the elven continent of Aerenal to the south.

High King Shaeras Vadallia was considered the founder and long-time ruler of Valenar. During the Last War, he was approached by Cyre in their expansive search for mercenaries, and through him the allegiance of the Valaes Tairn was acquired. The Valaes Tairn are the largest faction of the warclans originating in northern Aerenal. The elves’ cavalry abilities made them a legend in combat, and for a time they were a central part of the Cyran military.

For years, other nations attempted to buy the allegiance of the Valaes Tairn away from Cyre, but Vadallia refused, staying loyal to his nation. One day, however, the Valaes Tairn turned without warning, seizing Cyran lands and declaring them the new nation of Valenar, with Vadallia as its “high king.” The actions were justified on the ages-old claim on the land by the elves’ Aereni ancestors.

As part of an ongoing conflict with Eros and the then-nascent Z’ar Shehad, the Valaes Tairn kidnapped Zil’temeris Firebane, firstborn son of King Zil’dejin Firebane of Eros and Warlord Mishva Garodya Stormhorn. Vadallia was killed by King Zil’dejin Firebane of Eros, who personally attacked Taer Valaestas and retrieved his son. His successor, Paeral Kasseris, was a controversial appointment, and many do not believe him strong enough for the position.

Valenar’s struggle against Eros has cooled, but they remain in a pitched conflict against Z’ar Shehad, which has given little ground in either direction over the past few decades.

Culture & Society

The elves of Valenar are solitary and often hostile to outsiders. Their traditions are long-running and distinct from those of Aerenal elves, centered around strong spiritual beliefs and ancient martial practices. Most Valenar elves form warclans, which they normally remain in for their entire lives. It is for this reason that Valenar cannot be said to be a nation in the sense that the Five Nations are — there is a disconnect among the clans, who are unwilling, or perhaps unable, to form one coherent nation.

Though the Last War is now over, the warclans still pursue their violent ways. Elven raiders are not an uncommon sight in the neighboring territories of Q’barra or the Talenta Plains, and occasionally raid the southern regions of Karrnath. While the elves mostly form roving warbands, some humans also eke out an existence here, though they are not held in high regard by the elves. House Lyrandar has formed an alliance with Valenar in recent years, and so many half-elves have migrated here as well, forming a previously-unseen middle class in the unusual hierarchy.

Because of the loose government structure and general disinterest of the Valenar elves in the traditional upkeep of a nation, breaching the borders are notoriously easy, provided one approaches peacefully. Aggression is not usually overlooked by the warclans.


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