Population: 60,000
Ruler: Prelate Barnus Firehope
Capital: Thaliost

The smallest independent nation of Khorvaire, Thal (more formally, the Thalian State) is a tiny realm that sprung up around the city of Thaliost. It is led by Prelate Barnus Firehope, a man blessed with strange powers which his followers attribute to blessings of the Silver Flame itself.


Thaliost was formerly the capital of Aundair before Thrane captured it in the Last War. At the resolution of the War with the Treaty of Thronehold, Thaliost remained in Thrane’s control. This led to a great deal of political tension between Thrane and Aundair, which in turn led to a riot in 998 YK against the city’s tyrannical governor, Archbishop Solghar Dariznu. The riot was put down with the assistance of the Titan’s Aegis Mercenary Company, but later, tensions erupted again after the Starpeaks Invasion in 1000 YK, when First Warlord Adal ir’Wynarn of Aundair attempted to capture the city with mercenary help from the Valaes Tairn elves.

This assault was rebuffed as well, but matters would come to a head yet again in 1002 YK, when Thrane and Aundair prepared to go to war over the city. At this time, the city’s Knight Marshal of the Silver Flame, Barnus Firehope, rose up to defend the city. His faction argued that, in its time of upset, Thaliost had gained a distinct culture that was both Aundairian and Thrane, and at the same time, neither. His position was that Thaliost should govern itself rather than be subjected to the tug-of-war of two greater kingdoms.

The conflict that broke out was three-way, with the Thalian State mounting an astonishingly strong defense. This was credited in no small part to Barnus, who was said to possess amazing powers and to be blessed by the Silver Flame. It was, in fact, this sentiment that led to Thrane’s withdrawal, as the faithful of the Silver Flame were beginning to be outraged at the Church struggling against its own. With Thrane’s withdrawal and official recognition of Thal’s independence by Jaela Daran, Aundair soon withdrew as well, although they still do not recognize Thal’s legitimacy.

Society & Culture

Thal has a culture that blends Aundairian ideas with that of Thrane. The Church of the Silver Flame remains the dominant religion, with many seeing Barnus Firehope as a great prophet. The people of Thal are often distrustful of outsiders due to their tumultuous history.


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