Talenta Plains

Population: 1,200,000
Ruler: Individual tribal laths who can form a council when large decisions are needed

The Talenta Plains are a tremendous and impressively flat range of unspoiled grassland in the west gives way to the unforgiving Blade Desert to the east, all of it claimed by the nomadic halflings and virtually unchanged since their arrival.

Culture & Society

There is no central government in the Talenta Plains, and almost no truly permanent settlements. The shrewd halflings live a nomadic life, moving throughout their domain on the backs of dinosaurs in distinct tribes. Despite this apparent disconnect, however, they won recognition with the Treaty of Thronehold as an independent nation, and there is more interaction between the nomadic tribes than there appears at first glance. Many halflings have also left this lifestyle to make their way in modern society, and most have thrived at this as well.

The only permanent settlement in the Talenta Plains is Gatherhold, with all others being rapidly-displaced camps or temporary tent cities. Fewer than 500 individuals live in Gatherhold for most of the year, almost all of which are representatives of dragonmarked houses (particularly the halfling houses, House Ghallanda and House Jorasco). Permanent houses were built here by House Ghallanda, but they are mainly for the use of travelers, as the halflings prefer to put up tents in the surrounding areas. Three times a year, and sometimes more, Gatherhold plays host to a meeting of the tribal council containing representatives of nearly all the tribes in the Talenta Plains. For ten days around this time, the population of Gatherhold explodes, often exceeding 2,500 in number.


The Talenta Plains have been owned by the halflings since time immemorial. Their ancient history and heritage is unique in Khorvaire, and most aim to keep it that way. Once, the nomads ranged across nearly all of western Khorvaire, though the coming of humans and the years of wars and conquests that followed pushed them into the territory they have now.

In the Kingdom of Galifar, halflings were permitted to do as they wished provided they paid tribute to the Galifar King. In the Last War, however, Karrnath and Cyre claimed huge portions of the Talenta Plains, forcing an unprecedented rallying as the halfling tribes united to repel the invaders. This worked fine until the Plains became a battleground for the warring nations, at which point the halflings mostly just tried to stay out of the way.

The banding and cooperation led to the official founding of the “nation of nations” that is the modern Talenta Plains, focused around war councils, tribal meetings, and celebratory gatherings. As a result, the Plains received recognition by the Treaty of Thronehold penned at the Last War’s completion, making its status as a nation official.

The Talenta Plains lost some ground to the Kingdom of Odakyr, a rebel domain opposing Karrnath. The agricultural region of Odakyr traditionally extended into the Talenta Plains, and the rebels reclaimed some of it, forming their capital of Doma in its heart. The halflings have been said to be divided on what to do about this, and many of the tribes that actually held that territory are believed to have given it up willingly.


The main exports of the Talenta Plains are goods crafted by tribes, though usually merchants do not travel and instead specialized traders make trades in the Plains before exporting the goods elsewhere. Goods include crafts, exotic creatures (mainly dinosaurs), native art, and occasionally, mercenaries.

Talenta Plains

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