Population: 3,000,000
Ruler: Imperator Tarquinus Primus
Capital: Doma

Odakyr is rebel kingdom based out of the Odakyr agricultural region of Karrnath. It first appeared as a nameless rebellion instigated by a number of powerful warlords in that part of Karrnath in 1002 YK, but the rebellion has now claimed much of southern Karrnath and a large part of the Talenta Plains. While not officially recognized by any state, Odakyr is coming to be commonly thought of as a legitimate kingdom by popular opinion.


Odakyr is the name of a region in Karrnath, once known for its rich agriculture. During the Last War, when King Kaius I enlisted the aid of the Blood of Vol and began a structured plan of necromancy to bolster Karrnath’s ranks with the undead, the Odakyr region became one of their early power bases. Huge swaths of the land were rendered dead and barren by the dark magic practiced.

The precise origins of the Odakyr Rebellion are uncertain. Even the warlords have some confusion about how it started; according to rumour, the capital, Doma, appeared as if from nowhere overnight. It is known that it began about 25 years ago among Karrnathi warlords, fueled by some patriotic sentiments and following some enigmatic great leader. As all warlords from the start of the rebellion have since died and been succeeded, and since they did not keep any records from the Rebellion’s start, it is not known who this great leader was. The current head of state in Odakyr, Imperator Tarquinus Primus, claims that their founder was a demigod who left the kingdom in their hands, while scholars at the Rekkenmark Academy speculate that no such person could possibly have existed.

Whatever the case, in 25 years of on-and-off fighting, Odakyr has acquired most of the actual Odakyr region, including two of Karrnath’s once-important forts, Fort Zombie and Fort Bones. The Imperator reached a sort of ceasefire with King Kaius III before the late king’s death, leading to a period of peace. Kaius III’s successor, Kaius IV, is said to be even more aggressive than his father, and many believe the fighting will erupt again soon, although he has been tempered somewhat by his wife.

Odakyr is recognized only by the kingdom of Eros. Karrnath still sees it as a rebellion, and the halflings of the Talenta Plains see Odakyr only as a place of outsiders who took some of the halflings’ land.

Society & Culture

Odakyr began as a traditionalist rebellion, and claims to be attempting to restore the glory of the past. The Imperator follows closely codes of law and order from the Kingdom of Galifar, and adheres to practices and customs held in that time. The Imperial Library at Doma is said to contain the most complete collection of literature from the Kingdom of Galifar in Khorvaire, despite the mysterious and recent appearance of the city.

Despite the period of turmoil and violence Odakyr was born into, the Imperator (and his enigmatic predecessor) have managed to keep life surprisingly safe and peaceful for the kingdom’s noncombatants, giving an unexpected sense of security and civility to the territories which — according to most other nations — are currently in “upset.”


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