Mror Holds

Population: 3,000,000, of which 2,000,000 are dwarves
Ruler: A confederacy of clan leaders, spoken for by Torlan “Red-eye” Mroranon

The Mror Holds is a territory consisting mainly of mountains, found east of Karrnath. It is the ancestral home of the dwarves. Rather than a single nation, it is actually made up of thirteen large clans and a number of smaller clans with meticulously divided holds.


The Holds are a loose confederation of numerous dwarven clans, though thirteen are of particular prominence (see below). Others exist, but are lesser, and few have much in the way of holds. The major clans, with the exception of Clan Kundarak (now House Kundarak), are descended from the twelve leaders exiled from an ancient dwarven empire that once went much deeper than the Mror dwarves’ mountain cities. The dwarves of the Mror Holds have lost nearly all of their history from this time, and though many expeditions have set out looking for this ancestral home, none have been known to be successful.

For a very long time, the dwarves here were subservient to Karrnath, initially subjugated by Karrn the Conqueror. This came about because the dwarves were at that time fending off the Jhorash’tar orcs of the mountains, and more importantly, each other, as the clans battled for dominance. When Karrn came, they were unable to rally a proper defense, and quickly collapsed under his forces. Though they have been independent since the Last War, due in no small part to a massive cash infusion from House Kundarak, the clans are still very feudal, but the days of physical combat between clans are mostly behind the Mror Holds. Instead, they feud with politics and economics.

A Thirteenth Clan briefly arose in 999 YK. Calling itself “Clan Raldarak,” it was technically descended from House Kundarak as its founder, Raldar, was part of the House. Predicated on forging a very fragile balance of power through simultaneous opposing pacts with demons and evils, Raldarak ascended very quickly and even earned some support in the Iron Council before being toppled by the Eclipse Collective.

Culture & Society

All dwarves native to Khorvaire call the Mror Holds home, at least in an ancestral sense. Built within the rugged Ironroot and Hoarfrost mountain ranges, dwarven cities run wide and deep, mostly expanded in search of the great mineral wealth to be found in the mountains that the dwarves see as their birthright.

The capital of the Mror Holds is Krona Peak, one of Clan Mroranon’s first cities. It is the point at which almost all things enter or leave the nation. Though Clan Mronanon still claims the city, the fact that it is the capital make it a site of tension among all thirteen clans. The only other surface city is Korunda Gate, home to House Kundarak. Korunda Gate is a great city that once thrived on mining, though Kundarak has stopped all of its own mining operations, instead allowing other clans to mine there for a fairly steep price. Korunda Gate is home to many deep vaults — some of the most secure that are operated by the house — as well as numerous banks and strongholds belonging to Kundarak dwarves.

The town of Frostmantle is also situated here between the two mountain ranges, a small settlement officially owned by Clan Droranath, but occupied mainly by lesser clans not of the main thirteen. The surrounding areas are not particularly wealthy, but contain many small “holds” for these minor clans.

The Thirteen Clans

  • Doldarun
  • Droranath
  • Kolkarun
  • Kundarak
  • Laranak
  • Londurak
  • Mroranon
  • Narathun
  • Noldrun
  • Soldorak
  • Soranath
  • Toldorath
  • Tordannon

Mror Holds

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