Lhazaar Principalities

“This is our home. Why aren’t we more proud of it? Why do our people look to Regalport and think they’d rather live there instead? Is it because Regalport is better? No. Ryger just got himself a head start, but we’re gonna catch up. And the Seadragon Principality is gonna be sorry when we do, mark my words.”
– Prince Kolberkon of the Direshark Principality, in a speech to Port Verge

Rulers: Officially High Prince Paddy Grimm; in reality, multiple princes hold dominance
Population: 1,700,000

An island chain that makes a home for greedy merchants and pirates, the Lhazaar Principalities are a set of domains with relatively lax law and even laxer enforcement. The Sea Princes here go through phases of feuding and trading and while they “officially” have an overall ruler, the High Prince, he has no true power in this place.


Historically, the Lhazaar Principalities is known as an area rife with pirates and freebooters. Though this hasn’t changed, the peninsulas and islands that make up the territory are now more renowned as being home to the finest mariners and merchant vessels in Khorvaire.

In 1001 YK, an undead abomination called an “atropal” settled on Dreadwood Isle, one of the Principalities. Everyone on the island was killed and made into an undead servant of the atropal before a barrier of necromantic power was put up to shield the island. When the second atropal was awakened and began to ravage Khorvaire from the north, the atropal of Dreadwood Isle began mobilizing as well. The Evening Star Company, a powerful adventuring company, put the atropal down with the help of the Sea Princes, ut their advance cost the Principalities much, with the death toll nearing 300,000.

Society & Culture

The Principalities are not, as may appear at first glance, a single unified nation, but rather a collection of smaller island states, each ruled by a governor called a sea prince. The principalities have a nominal ruler, High Prince Paddy Grimm. Most High Princes have tenuous grasps on the Principalities, but Paddy’s has been firm, if waning somewhat in his advancing age.

Even though they are now recognized under the Treaty of Thronehold as an independent nation, the Lhazaar Principalities has not quite lost its former reputation, and with good reason; pirates, smugglers and immoral merchants still run a very large portion of the territory here. Laws are uniformly lax, but the specifics vary between each principality.

The “capital” of the Principalities is as much a capital as the High Prince is a ruler. Located in the former Seadragon Principality, the city of Regalport is perhaps the least corrupt of all principalities (which is probably not saying much), and is home to the infamous Pirate Exchange.

Most Dragonmarked Houses have little sway in the Principalities, though some have small enclaves set up throughout the isles.

Lhazaar Principalities

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