Population: 2,000,000
Ruler: King Kor ir’Wynarn
Capital: Galethspyre

Korland is a military dictatorship in the western half of what was formerly Brelish territory by the previous king of Breland’s brother, Kor ir’Wynarn. It was founded following the Brelish Civil War via a treaty made with the current king of Breland, Bortan ir’Wynarn, with the assent of the Brelish Parliament.


In 1000 YK, the then-king of Breland, Boranel ir’Wynarn, passed away from injuries sustained during the Starpeaks Invasion. While Boranel had never explicitly named an heir, Brelish tradition dictated that rule should pass to his eldest son, Aejar. But the Brelish Parliament was divided on the matter. The feudal ministers believed that Aejar was too weak and timid to take the throne, and instead favoured Boranel’s second son and minister of finance, Bortan. Meanwhile, the elected ministers desired Aejar as king for exactly the same reason: they wanted a weak ruler they could prop up and quickly knock down in order to abolish the monarchy.

The matter was hotly debated in the Brelish Parliament for months, and was only further complicated when Boranel’s younger brother Kor, leader of the King’s Citadel, returned from a long stay on the border with Droaam, and demanded that the throne be given to him. During his time in the borderlands, Kor picked up a number of allegiances and mercenary contracts, and threatened outright war on Breland if he did not get what was his right to have.

This ultimatum led to the Brelish Civil War, pitting Aejar, Bortan, and Kor against one another. Bortan is believed to have assassinated Aejar and managed to take much of “civilized” eastern Breland, while Kor’s march took a huge portion of the west. Once the fronts were established, the war became a stalemate, leading to a lot of bloodshed and very little ground gained on either side.

The Civil War ended with a treaty drafted by the Parliament, and agreed upon by both Kor and Bortan. The treaty effectively permitted Kor to keep the lands he took in western Breland, while Breland kept what was left. The lands Kor took were renamed “Korland,” and were recognized by the treaty in 1001 YK.

Society & Culture

Kor studied at the Rekkenmark Academy in his youth, and has held a stubborn martial viewpoint ever since. His kingdom is styled heavily after the ruling advice given in Karrn the Conqueror’s Analects of War, making the state of Korland a highly militaristic regime — perhaps even more so than Karrnath. Korland has mandatory military service for all citizens from the ages of 18 to 25, and from there highly incentivizes continued military service.

Despite its relatively low population, Korland has achieved a massive military per-capita in this way. Whether this is an effective approach remains to be seen.


Time Marches Manannan