“Death holds no terror.”
-Karrnathi national motto

Population: 7,000,000
Ruler: King Kaius ir’Wynarn IV

Karrnath is a kingdom in the north-northeast part of Khorvaire. It is one of the original Five Nations of Galifar, but it is much older, having been founded by Karrn the Conqueror over two thousand years ago. The nation is known for its militarism, rigid discipline, and use of undead troopers during the Last War. Its monarchs have a history of ruthless dictatorship, although the land is divided into smaller duchies ruled by warlords who have more influence in the day-to-day lives of its people.

Key Points:

  • Militaristic, disciplined state
  • Ruled by a military dictator and a collection of warlords
  • Locked in a cold war with the rebel state of Odakyr


One of the Five Nations on Khorvaire, Karrnath is a nation with a long and proud military heritage. Of all the Five Nations, it is the oldest, founded by Karrn the Conqueror over two millennia ago. Since then, the nation has never lost touch with the old ways, and martial law is a way of life here. Karrnath is therefore not, strictly speaking, a monarchy; more accurately, but rather a military dictatorship.

During the Last War, Karrnath became deeply entwined with the Blood of Vol. In the early days of the War, Karrnath found itself embarrassingly under prepared for combat, so King Kaius I (great-grandfather of the current ruler) was forced to accept aid offered by the Seekers. The Blood of Vol was made into the state religion, and in return, the Vol priests used their necromantic rituals to raise legions of undead warriors, which became a key part of Karrnath’s forces during the war.

In 1002 YK, a large-scale rebellion began in the southernmost region of Karrnath known as Odakyr. This region, once fertile farmland, was severely impacted by the Blood of Vol’s magic during the Last War, and much of it is now desolate. The warlords of Odakyr gathered behind an unknown leader and claimed a great deal of land, including Fort Zombie and Fort Bones, at least one of which voluntarily joined the rebellion. The rebel state, called the “Kingdom of Odakyr,” has reached a temporary truce with King Kaius IV, a controversial move believed to have been influenced by Kaius’ wife, Queen Erin.

Society & Culture

Since the end of the Last War, Karrnath has officially broken its ties with the Blood of Vol. Many Karrnathi still follow the religion, however, and continue to revere the undead as symbols of the divine and one’s own blood as the key to life. The city of Atur hosts the Crimson Monastery, the largest worship site of the Blood of Vol, which sees great traffic of Karrnathi citizens. In addition, some lingering undead forces can still be found in certain areas, although most are believed to have been “decommissioned.”

Karrnath is also home to the Twelve, an academic institution where the Dragonmarked Houses send their most skillful arcane practitioners. The game of Conqueror (similar to chess) is popular here, particularly in days of bad weather, and Karrnath is known to have the worst weather of any of the Five Nations.


Karrnath’s chief exports are ale, dairy, glass, grain, livestock, lumber, paper, and textiles.


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