House Vadalis

Mark of Handling
Handlers Guild: Breeding of animals, in particular the “Magebred” beasts
Balinor’s Blessed: Seek out and capture rare animals
Race: Human
Heraldic beast: Hippogriff
Month/Moon: Dravago (Late spring, ~May, fifth moon)

The members of House Vadalis breed any number of animals, mostly mounts and work animals, but also animals used in offense or defense, or pets. House Vadalis operates out of the Eldeen Reaches.

Dragonmark Abilities: animals bred by those bearing the Mark of Handling are more intelligent, stronger, faster and more powerful than those bred and/or trained by those without the aforementioned mark.


The humans of House Vadalis are known across Khorvaire for the superior creatures both mundane and rare that are sold for a high (but worthwhile) price just about everywhere within the Five Nations. They developed the technique of “magebreeding,” which weaves magic into natural bloodlines, enhancing those affected by it.

Some members of House Vadalis work on one of its many massive ranches, while others choose to wander. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find a Vadalis heir in an unusual place, like small towns or villages not large enough to support a true enclave of any sort. Because of their strong association with the ideas of blood and ancestry, family is first to House Vadalis.

Vadalis descends from settlers in the Eldeen Reaches, with the Mark of Handling appearing about 1,800 years ago. The settlers viewed it as a gift from the Sovereign Host to help them survive in a difficult land. House Vadalis played a major role in the War of the Mark, and was particularly eager to stamp out aberrant dragonmarks due to their belief in proper bloodlines. Strangely, though, large portions of the house’s history from that time has been lost.

House Vadalis is widely seen as a benevolent house, though recently it has come to light that during the Last War, some dark experiments involving magebreeding human beings took place in a secret laboratory in Cyre called “Clifftop.” This has been confirmed by the enigmatic Lords of Metrol, who rule their city almost independently of their home kingdom of Eros. Vadalis is currently facing threats of prosecution by the Sentinel Marshals of House Deneith for war crimes over this matter.


House Vadalis possesses the Mark of Handling, a mark associated with the breeding and taming of animals. It is also what allows them to introduce magic into natural bloodlines, a process called magebreeding.

Guilds and Organizations

Handlers Guild — The face of House Vadalis, which breeds (and magebreeds) animals, as well as raising and training them. Mundane breeding is also handled by this guild.

Balinor’s Blessed — a group of dragonmarked hunters in Vadalis’ employ that seek out and capture rare animals. On a few occasions, they have clashed with the elves of Valenar in an attempt to take their incredible fey horses, but no successful breeding has come of this yet.

Notable Members

  • Baron Dalin d’Vadalis, current patriarch of House Vadalis who lives in the house’s ancestral seat of Foalswood in the Eldeen Reaches. Dragonmarked.
  • Mazina d’Vadalis, a high profile magebreeder who runs the Hearth, a massive but strangely private ranch just outside of Wroat. Dragonmarked.

House Vadalis

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