House Thuranni

Mark of Shadow
Race: Elf
Heraldic beast: Displacer beast
Month/Moon: Sypheros (Mid-autumn, ~October, tenth moon)

House Thuranni is the second dragonmarked house of the Mark of Shadow, having split off from House Phiarlan around 970 YK in an event called the “Shadow Schism.” Like its parent house, House Thuranni is in the entertainment business, although it is more specialized in creating works of art like sculptures or paintings, in contrast to Phiarlan which relies more on performance.

While not public knowledge, Thuranni also does a large amount of their business in subterfuge and assassinations. It competes with Phiarlan in the former area, but is alone in the latter.

Dragonmark Abilities: power over shadow, allowing the creation of illusions and some scrying abilities.

House Thuranni is an elven dragonmarked house which was once a part of House Phiarlan. Then just a bloodline of dragonmarked scions within the house, the Thuranni family often found itself taking on contracts for Phiarlan that conflicted with the interests of other families within the house. In 972 YK, they turned assassins on their greatest rivals, the Paelion family. Nearly all of the Paelions were exterminated, and the Thuranni were cast out. The patriarch of the Thuranni declared itself an independent house, which was solidified after years of heated debate among the dragonmarked houses.

Since splitting off from House Phiarlan, House Thuranni has become their direct rival, competing in entertainment and espionage. House Thuranni is the youngest of the dragonmarked houses and lives a double life: to the public they are artists, entertainers and beautiful courtiers. However, that is far from the truth. House Phiarlan is still larger and stronger than House Thuranni, leading the way in information gathering and spying.

However, there is one field in which House Thuranni surpasses its cousins: assassinations. House Phiarlan typically refuses any assassination contracts on principle, but under the right circumstances, it is rumoured that House Thuranni uses its shadow powers for contract killing. It is said that acquiring such a contract is very difficult and extravagantly expensive, but in underworld circles there are said to be none better.


House Thuranni, like House Phiarlan, possesses the Mark of Shadow, a dragonmark associated with illusion, deception, and of course, shadow.

House Thuranni

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