House Tharashk

Mark of Finding
Finders Guild: Dragonshard prospecting in the wilds, inquisitive work, tracking down items or people
Liondrake Guild: Mercenary services, mainly in the wilder regions
Race: Human and Half-Orc
Heraldic beast: Dragonne
Month/Moon: Barrakas (Late summer, ~August, eighth moon)

The members of House Tharashk are highly skilled trackers and bounty hunters. They are also in the mining business, and control most of the trade with Eberron dragonshards, and (largely as a part of this business) maintain the closet.

Dragonmark Abilities: can track things that are lost or hidden through use of their mark.


House Tharashk, with its membership split almost evenly between humans, half-orcs and full-blooded orcs, is an unusually diverse house — but this is not the only way in which it is unusual. As a young house based in the Shadow Marches with strong ties to Droaam, House Tharashk recruits and hires out mercenaries from all sorts of monstrous races that most other houses wouldn’t even consider associating with.

Tharashk is built around three founding clans of the Shadow Marches: the Torrns, the Velderans, and the Aashtas. The Mark of Finding first appeared distributed evenly among these clans, and outside the “borders” of the Marches word spread of the incredibly skilled dragonmarked hunters of the swamps. Around 700 YK, representatives of House Sivis set out on an expedition to find them, and united the clans in a single house, named Tharashk: the goblin word for “united.” The separate clans still exist, but are all under Tharashk’s banner and rule equally, each with one representative on the governing council of the Triumvirate, modeled after Zilargo’s system of government. Tharashk have since made a steady profit off the rich veins of dragonshards in their homeland, and though many of those outside the house still resent the so-called “graybloods,” House Tharashk has flourished since its creation.

Zarash’ak, the City of Stilts which acts as the unofficial capital of the Shadow Marches, is run entirely by House Tharashk. Tharashk also controls the entire foreign quarter of the Graywall in Droaam, which serves as their primary recruitment base.


House Tharashk possesses the Mark of Finding. The mark grants abilities related to finding people, places, and objects. Though the house includes nearly as many full-blooded orcs as it does half-orcs and humans, only the latter two are capable of manifesting the mark.

Guilds and Organizations

The Finders Guild — The main branch of House Tharashk, that oversees the house’s lucrative dragonshard prospecting, finding services for employers (for instance, finding water for a village), and even inquisitives. These investigative services occasionally bring the house into conflict with House Medani, which also offers such, but where Medani tends to hire out to wealthier clients, the Finders Guild is not adverse to taking contracts from common folk. The Finders Guild also provides official licenses for bounty hunters.

Liondrake’s Roar — A new branch of House Tharashk established to broker mercenaries recruited from the relatively new nation of Droaam. Soldiers and laborers from its monstrous races are hired out across Khorvaire, and it is because of this that many of them have become more common throughout the continent.

Known Members

  • Laandra Torrn, a female half-orc and the youngest triumvir. Has strong ties to the Gatekeepers.
  • Khandar’aashta, a male half-orc triumvir rumored to have great ambition.
  • Daric Velderan, a pleasant human triumvir living in Sharn.
  • Laxus Secundus, an Odakyri human male fixated on bringing law to the wilds (deceased, 1027 YK).

House Tharashk

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