House Sivis

Mark of Scribing
Speakers Guild: Diplomatic services and translation
Notaries Guild: Notary services
Race: Gnome
Heraldic beast: Cockatrice
Month/Moon: Rhaan (Early autumn, ~September, ninth moon)

House Sivis is a gnome dragonmarked house, concerned with the authenticity of words. Its members guarantee the authenticity of documents and bind verbal contracts, acting as a stabilizing force among the dragonmarked houses. House Sivis is well-known for its unrelenting impartiality, and is relied on to send sensitive information securely. It is also known for an obsession with bureaucracy.

Dragonmark Abilities: Power over written and spoken word. Through use of dragonshards, can communicate over vast distances with the speed of the wind.


Before becoming a dragonmarked house, Sivis was an established noble house of Zilargo, deeply entrenched in the insanely complex web of schemes of gnomish society. When the Mark of Scribing first manifested, Sivis recognized its own power and deliberately distanced itself from the complicated, cutthroat politics it was once steeped in, and stepped back to serve all Zil gnomes equally. With this move, they set a precedent of neutrality for mutual profitability, which is a standard still maintained by all other dragonmarked houses.

Of all dragonmarked houses, House Sivis has historically been the most interested in other houses. It is responsible for discovering and helping to establish the houses of several dragonmarks, such as House Medani and House Tharashk, and for creating tighter bonds and a system of traditions among the houses. It is public but not common knowledge that Sivis is particularly interested in the dragonmarks’ ties to the draconic prophecy, and the gnomes suspect that there are still missing marks to be found before something notable will happen.

House Sivis continues to act as it always has in the wake of the Last War: as a stabilizing force between nations and houses. It is, and will likely continue to be, a very important part of modern civilization.

Guilds and Organizations

  • Notaries Guild — Offers services related to the written word. These services include notary tasks, authentication of letters of credit, as well as licensing for cartographers, bookbinders and scribes. They are also highly adept at spotting forgeries in numerical documents, and are rumoured to offer encryption and codebreaking services to the wealthy and powerful.
  • Speakers Guild — Offers services related to the spoken word. House Sivis message stations are spread out through civilized Khorvaire, making use of speaking stones, a creation of the house that allows communication by dragonmarked scions (these were later adapted by House Cannith to create the sending stones). They also license barristers, advocates, interpreters, mediators, and other professions related to the spoken word. It does not handle any business related to the use of oration in artistic endeavours, as this duty belongs to House Phiarlan.

House Sivis

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