House Phiarlan

Mark of Shadow
Entertainers and Artisans Guild: Entertainment and arts
The Serpentine Table: Espionage
Race: Elf
Heraldic beast: Hydra
Month/Moon: Sypheros (Mid-autumn, ~October, tenth moon)

House Phiarlan is an elven dragonmarked house, which is primarily involved with entertainment and the arts. Though it is not public knowledge, the agents of House Phiarlan also engage in espionage for a high price.

During an event called the “Shadow Schism,” faction in-fighting led to part of House Phiarlan splitting off to form House Thuranni, the first ever dragonmarked house to represent a dragonmark already represented by another house.

Dragonmark Abilities: some powers over shadow, especially illusion and scrying.


House Phiarlan (pronounced FAIR-len) is perhaps the oldest dragonmarked house. Before their dragonmark manifested, during the time when elves were slaves to the giants of Xen’drik, the Phiarlan — meaning spirit keepers in the Elven tongue — held the scattered tribes together during the slave uprisings. Later, when the continent of Aerenal was made the refuge of the escaped elves, the Phiarlan served as spies for the Undying Court for many years, right up until the Mark of Shadow appeared.

The Aereni recognized the mark as a fragment of the Draconic Prophecy, and because of the long-standing hatred between the elves and the dragons, the Mark of Shadow was viewed as a hideous brand. Bearers of the mark were cast out and fled to Khorvaire, where they became House Phiarlan.

During the Last War, House Phiarlan was as mercenary as most of the other houses, though in time there came to be intra-house conflict among certain family lines. This conflict led to what would be called the Shadow Schism, where a branch of the house separated to form another dragonmarked house: House Thuranni.

Though publicly known for its entertainers and performers — the Carnival of Shadows is a popular attraction wherever it goes — House Phiarlan has a darker side. Though indeed the five Demesnes (Memory, Motion, Shape, Music, and Shadow) account for a large portion of the House’s activities, wealthier patrons can purchase the much more exclusive skills of Phiarlan’s talented spies.

The House once had its headquarters in Metrol, but following its destruction it is spread more or less equally among Thrane, Aundair, and Breland, and the Demesnes in their capital cities.


House Phiarlan possesses the Mark of Shadow, a dragonmark associated with illusion, deception, and of course, shadow. Bearers also gain potent scrying abilities as they further develop their connection with the mark.

Guilds and Organizations

Entertainers and Artisans Guild — The public face of House Phiarlan. The vast majority of music halls, stages, theaters, circuses, and similar establishments across Khorvaire belong to this guild. The skilled performers of House Phiarlan also run the Carnival of Shadows, a traveling circus that is loved by nearly all who witness it.

The Serpentine Table — This is the darker side of House Phiarlan, a secretive organization of spies. Its structure and hierarchy are extraordinarily complex, and its services are available only to a select few chosen and specifically invited the group itself.

Known Members

  • Baron Elvinor Elorrenthi d’Phiarlan, head of House Phiarlan. Dragonmarked.

House Phiarlan

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