House Medani

Mark of Detection
Warning Guild: Protection with prescience.
Race: Half-Elf
Heraldic beast: Basilisk.
Month/Moon: Lharvion (Mid-summer, ~July, seventh moon).

House Medani is a relative newcomer to the Dragonmarked Houses, but it has made a name for itself very quickly. Bearing the Mark of Detection, Medani members are practically ubiquitous across Khorvaire, serving in many roles from inquisitives and spy-catchers to magical researchers and sentries.

Dragonmark Abilities: bearers of this mark can sense hidden threats, such as poison.


The Mark of Detection first appeared about 1,500 years ago among half-elves in Breland, but the highly skilled bearers of the mark kept their powers well under wraps until they were discovered by House Cannith during the War of the Mark. At that time, House Medani did not wish to expand beyond Breland’s borders, but were convinced (and to an extent, coerced) by the other houses to join them. Even after becoming a dragonmarked house, however, Medani continued to operate discreetly, tending to keep away from the business of the other houses. Many of these houses began to suspect that House Medani had formed a close relationship with the Brelish monarchy – something that made the notoriously independent houses very nervous.

House Medani is centered in Breland and is spread wide across that nation, though if they can be said to have any sort of headquarters, it is the large enclave in Wroat.

The house is currently facing prosecution by the other dragonmarked houses for suspected involvement with the Thaliost Riots of 998 YK, and ultimately being responsible for the chaos that plagued the city and the later Thalian State for years. It is widely believed that the house’s most famous scion, a man named Lucan Vrinsk d’Medani of the Eclipse Collective, was behind the start of the riots, and it is rumoured that he had his house’s interests in mind at the time.


House Medani possesses the Mark of Detection. In short, the Mark allows the bearers to notice things much more keenly than normal people, particularly when those things are of a magical nature. They are also excellent at detecting threats and unusual circumstances, or when things are “out of the ordinary.”

Guilds and Organizations

Warning Guild — One of House Medani’s largest house-run operations, the Warning Guild consists of bodyguards and sentries loyal to the house itself, and can also include outsiders who pay a fee to obtain Medani certification (though these are not official members of the guild). Though House Deneith does a large business in bodyguards as well, which is for that house the backbone of their business, House Medani operates on a smaller scale, so there has been little conflict so far. Further, the focus is different; rather than aiming solely to protect against attack, as House Deneith excels at, Medani bodyguards are employed when a threat is perceived, but its identity is unknown.

Thousand Yard Stare — Formed after the signing of governmental contracts from Thrane and Breland, the Thousand Yard Stare keeps watch over the western border of the Mournland. Their main objective, at least as long as the contract is active, is to keep the threats inside that dead place where they belong.

Basilisk’s Gaze — The Basilisk’s Gaze is a secret division of House Medani devoted to tracking down war criminals from the Last War. Members are among Medani’s elite, or at least their most dangerous, and are required to memorize great lists of names with rudimentary descriptions in order to perform their task.

Notable Members

  • Baron Sialana d’Medani, head of House Medani. Dragonmarked.

House Medani

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