House Lyrandar

Mark of Storm
Raincallers Guild: Provides good weather for farmers
Windwrights Guild: Transport over water or through the air
Race: Half-Elf
Heraldic beast: Kraken
Month/Moon: Zarantyr (Mid-winter, ~January, first moon)

House Lyrandar is a half-elven Dragonmarked House, with interests in the area of transportation by sea and sky, as well as in weather manipulation as provided by their dragonmark. Their primary enclave is on Stormhome, an island north of Aundair.

Dragonmark Abilities: power over wind and weather.


House Lyrandar was established around 2,000 years ago, roughly six centuries after the first half-elves are said to have appeared on Khorvaire. The House’s alleged founders, Lyran and Selavash, were the first to manifest the Mark of Storm.

Initially, Lyrandar was a smaller house. In Lyrandar’s early years, House Orien dominated the transportation industry, up to the early days of the Last War. But the House’s luck turned aroudn when Lyrandar, working together with Zilargo gnomes, developed the first elemental airships. They began a very successful business in transportation by both sea and sky, although they never used their airships in combat for fear of violating Dragonmarked House neutrality accords.

The Last War ended with little loss for House Lyrandar, and their future looks bright for both their transportation and weather services. House Orien is somewhat bitter since the Day of Mourning destroyed huge portions of their transportation business (in the form of lightning rail tracks) and House Cannith feels they are owed a percentage of airship sales for providing the initial design work, but Lyrandar is on good terms, more or less, with the other Houses.

House Lyrandar’s business can now be found nearly anywhere in Khorvaire, except for the far-flung wilderness regions, as well as Eros — with whom they feud on the basis of Eros’ support of the West Khorvaire Trading Company, a competitor of Lyrandar’s — and Castrum, where outside influence is not permitted.


The dragonmark of House Lyrandar is the Mark of Storm, which gives to its bearers the ability to control the weather. Bearers attuned to the mark gain greater control over the climate and winds.

Guilds and Organizations

Windwrights Guild — The bulk of Lyrandar’s operations and members are found in the Windwrights Guild, working on their airborne and seafaring ships both on the vessels and on the docks. They also rent out the right to fly the Lyrandar flag to independent shipping concerns, which is said to ward off pirates, and, among the superstitious, bad weather.

Raincallers Guild — Masters of weather magic who take contracts to alter the weather in a location, often farmlands. Most of them spend a lot of time traveling. A certain subset also work as engineers, building canals and aqueducts.

Sela’s Path — A priesthood maintained by House Lyrandar, specifically worshiping Kol Karran and Arawai, who they believe delivered the Mark of Storm directly to the House’s founders.

Lyran’s Gift — Arcane researchers working closely with House Cannith to build faster and stronger airships and galleons.

Notable Members

  • Baron Kavalan d’Lyrandar, patriarch of House Lyrandar.

House Lyrandar

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