House Kundarak

Mark of Warding
Banking Guild: Money, loans and safekeeping of goods
Warding Guild: Security and protection
Race: Dwarf
Heraldic beast: Manticore
Month/Moon: Vult (Early winter, ~December, twelfth moon).

House Kundarak is the dragonmarked house of the dwarves, and is known for its financial empire of bankers, locksmiths, and security professionals. It operates out of the Mror Holds, running the banking and moneylending business in Khorvaire. With close ties to House Sivis, all kinds of coin exchange, credit and safekeeping services are provided by House Kundarak.

Once a small clan in an ancient subterranean dwarven empire, oral tradition of the House claims that Clan Kundarak went to the surface to keep watch over twelve exiled clans.

Dragonmark Abilities: ability to lay arcane wards.


Oral tradition holds that House Kundarak was a small clan in an ancient subterranean dwarven empire, sent to the surface to monitor the exiled clans of the Mror Holds. 2,500 years ago, the Mark of Warding surfaced in the clan’s bloodline. It was right around this time that the surface dwarves were subjugated by Karrn the Conqueror, and they were counted as equals to the other clans (and inferior to the rest of the peoples of Karrn’s empire) until 106 YK, when when with the help of House Sivis and the Zilargo gnomes they earned their status as an official house.

When the Mror Holds declared independence from Karrnath early in the Last War, it was the wealth of House Kundarak that kept the newly found nation financially secure enough to continue standing on its own. This wealth would continue to be used to finance all of the Five Nations at different points, and the repayments being made now continue to support Kundarak’s activities.

Though the wealth and membership of House Kundarak is widespread, with a population of 20,000 dwarves, the city of Korunda Gate in Kundarakhold (one of the Mror Holds) is its center of operations. More of its wealth lies in the vaults here than anywhere else, and its extensive armories and caches contain goods and wealth of all sorts, both mundane and magic.


House Kundarak possesses the Mark of Warding. The mark confers on its bearer the ability to protect things of value, not only for its owner, but for those who require outside protection for their own goods. Those who become attuned to the mark gain various powers related to warding and defense.

Guilds and Organizations

Banking Guild — True to its name, the Banking Guild operates banks in nearly every city in Khorvaire. Their duties, besides the deposition and withdrawal of money and goods, include loan management, vault services, gem cutting and jewelry manufacture, money changing, and more. They work closely with House Sivis for accounting matters and House Cannith to control price stability of basic goods.

Warding Guild — Mainly known for its skilled locksmiths, the Warding Guild also employs a large number of experts on magical warding and some bodyguards. Though bodyguards are normally the domain of House Deneith (and sometimes House Medani), it is generally agreed that those bodyguards are for guarding people, while Kundarak’s are for guarding things.

Golden Door — Technically a part of the Warding Guild, the Golden Door includes the elite locksmiths and magical warders who cater to some of the house’s wealthiest clients.

Iron Gate — The Iron Gate is also technically a part of the Warding Guild, offering bodyguards to complement the locks and wards set up by the house. They strictly avoid hiring themselves out in any circumstance where House Deneith or House Medani would be more appropriate, and so only guard objects, with the sole exception of some bodyguards used to protect some of the most important clan lords in the Mror Holds.

Notable Members

  • Baron Blaurath d’Kundarak: Patriarch of House Kundarak. Dragonmarked. Blaurath succeeded his uncle, Morrikan d’Kundarak, after his death, but was not the popular choice for baron. He was, indeed, the third choice by the clan, making his barony a somewhat controversial one, which is not helped by his bitter demeanor and spotty past.

House Kundarak

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