House Jorasco

Mark of Healing
Healers Guild: Maintain hospitals and clinics.
Race: Halfling
Heraldic beast: Griffon
Month/Moon: Therendor (Early spring, ~March, third moon).

House Jorasco provides health care services to the public, including mundane treatments and magical healing to those who can afford it. Many of the common folk visit House Jorasco hospitals instead of churches for healing, since clerics generally reserve their healing abilities for the faithful.

Jorasco has a bittersweet relationship with the rest of Khorvaire. Responsible for ending numerous plagues and healing thousands of wounds, they have earned the gratitude of a great number of people. But because they lack any sense of charity and their healing often comes at a high price, many resent them for their attitudes.

Dragonmark Abilities: The Mark of Healing confers the ability to heal. Depending on the size of the dragonmark, the individual can be restricted to healing small wounds, to curing major diseases, or even regenerating lost limbs.


Much like House Ghallanda, Jorasco has its origins with the nomadic halflings of the Talenta Plains. The Mark of Healing appeared a few decades after Ghallanda’s mark, the Mark of Hospitality. Like the other halfling house, Jorasco was integrated into the existing structure of the dragonmarked houses with the arrival of Karrn the Conqueror. Unlike Ghallanda, however, Jorasco chose to integrate itself as quickly as possible into this new society, seizing their opportunity for proift. Hospitals were established across Khorvaire, and Jorasco hastily left its nomadic roots behind.

During the Last War, House Jorasco remained neutral by providing contract medics to each of the Five Nations. Armies were rarely seen without one or several squadrons of Jorasco medics. Now, many are found in the central enclave in Vedykar, which acts as the largest hospital in Khorvaire.


House Jorasco possesses the Mark of Healing, manifesting in halflings and — as the name implies — providing powers related to healing wounds and illness.

Guilds and Organizations

Healers Guild — The most lucrative of Jorasco’s ventures, maintaining hospitals across Khorvaire for the treatment of injuries and illnesses. The Healers Guild will heal absolutely anyone… for the right price.

Medics Guild — Once part of the Healers Guild, the Medics separated at the height of the Last War. They hired themselves out to the Five Nations and provided squadrons of healers and mobile hospitals for the battlefields. Now, they have diminished slightly, but still have several contracts out, for instance, with House Tharashk’s dragonshard prospecting teams.

Notable Members

  • Baron Ulara d’Jorasco, matriarch of House Jorasco. Popular and intelligent, and can usually be found in the Vedykar enclave. Dragonmarked.

House Jorasco

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