House Ghallanda

Mark of Hospitality
Hostelers Guild: Maintains bars and inns
Race: Halfling
Heraldic beast: Blink dog
Month/Moon: Nymm (Early summer, ~June, sixth moon).

House Ghallanda is one of two dragonmarked houses belonging to halflings, the other being House Jorasco. Ghallanda controls more enclaves than any other dragonmarked house, and specializes in hospitality services.

Although most halflings are nomadic, the members of House Ghallanda operate an impressive number of hospitality institutions, all over Khorvaire.

Dragonmark Abilities: The Mark of Hospitality grants the ability to generate shelter and sustenance.


The Mark of Healing appeared more than 3000 years ago among the nomadic halflings of the Talenta Plains. Halflings bearing the mark came together and called themselves “Ghallanda,” meaning “helpful hounds” in the native tongue. They wandered across Khorvaire, offering food and shelter at every outpost and oasis they found, and helped mediate conflicts and other concerns at each stop. However, it was not until the arrival of Karrn the Conqueror in the Talenta Plains that the Ghallanda were discovered by the other dragonmarked houses, and after much negotiation, they achieved recognition as a true house of their own. House Ghallanda immediately set about building inns and taverns across Khorvaire, and eventually, full-sized enclaves.

During the Last War House Ghallanda provided food and shelter to troops that hired them. For the most part, they remained neutral in this way, though occasionally branches of the house found their way to the front lines.

Today, House Ghallanda maintains the “settlement” of Gatherhold — a sort of neutral meeting place for the halfling clans — in addition to its numerous other enclaves, inns, and taverns. Ghallanda also operates the Wandering Inn, a nomadic fair of sorts that offers hospitality to any traveler as it moves across the Talenta Plains.


House Ghallanda possesses the Mark of Hospitality. The powers it grants are related to both food and shelter, and further, the provision of hospitality to others.

Guilds and Organizations

Hostelers Guild — Many of the inns and taverns across Khorvaire are run by this guild, and the majority of those that aren’t seek a House Ghallanda license reflecting affiliation with it. The name carries with it a reputation that is desirous to most establishments of this kind.

Dragontail Guild — This branch is the mercenary arm of House Ghallanda, offering hospitality for coin and neutrality. The Dragontails were at their peak in the Last War, but are now diminishing fast as their usefulness fades.

Dawn-Builders — A huge retinue of artisans and their protectors, the Dawn-Builders work to establish new House Ghallanda enclaves across Khorvaire. Besides the artisans, the guards are usually House Ghallanda warriors (many are previously of the Dragontail Guild) or adventurers, but sometimes the Dawn-Builders hire House Deneith mercenaries or House Tharashk rangers for protection, as nobody really knows where they will go to build next.

Notable Members

  • Baron Yoren d’Ghallanda, head of House Ghallanda.

House Ghallanda

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