House Deneith

Mark of Sentinel
Defenders Guild: Protection
Blademarks Guild: Hirelings and mercenaries
Race: Human
Heraldic beast: Chimera
Month/Moon: Olarune (Late winter, ~February, second moon)

House Deneith is Khorvaire’s primary provider of mercenaries and bodyguards. They can be found across the continent, protecting monarchs and nobles, hunting criminals who flee the borders of the Five Nations, and even in Thronehold, where they protect the empty throne of Galifar.

House Deneith operates under a strict military hierarchy. Since all houses have vowed to stay neutral in conflicts, House Deneith supplies to both sides of a conflict. It is also the only house allowed to maintain an active army.

Dragonmark Abilities: The Mark of Sentinel grants various powers related to personal protection.


The family that would become House Deneith were the first among humans to manifest a dragonmark. An old and militant family in what is now Karrnath, their lands gave birth to Content Not Found: karrn-the-conqueror himself. Though he was not personally of the Deneith family, they swore fealty to Karrn, which held until his death. When the Five Nations were united under Galifar, House Deneith became is sworn protectors.

House Deneith did not choose sides in the Last War. They provided roughly equal amounts of mercenaries to all Five Nations, with special contracts preventing them from fighting other Deneith mercenaries. Should such a situation arise, Deneith mercenaries from both sides were expected to stand down.

Though Deneith has, historically, tried to avoid the grand politics of the other dragonmarked houses, with recent advances against their territory of sell-swords by House Cannith‘s warforged and House Tharashk’s monstrous Droaam mercenaries, it has had to become more active.


House Deneith possesses the Mark of Sentinel. This mark, which manifests in humans, provides powers related to protecting oneself and others from harm.

Guilds and Organizations

Blademarks Guild — The primary mercenary arm of House Deneith. Understandably, its numbers have dwindled since the end of the Last War, but it still boasts impressive membership that can be found in the employ of many people and factions across Khorvaire.

Protectors Guild — This guild provides bodyguards and garrison troops by contract, both of which have seen a great increase in demand since the Last War.

Sentinel Marshals — Even though the kingdom of Galifar is gone, and the Five Nations are no longer united, the Treaty of Thronehold provided special license for the Sentinel Marshals to freely hunt criminals across the borders of all nations. They are a secretive and powerful group, operating either individually or in small groups.

Notable Members

  • Baron Breven d’Deneith, current patriarch of House Deneith. Commands one of the largest armies in the world. Dragonmarked.
  • Peril Edenhall, a Sentinel Marshal of House Deneith from Eros.

House Deneith

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