Population: 200,000
Ruler: King Baelin Firebane
Capital: Grey Titan’s Hold

A new kingdom of Khorvaire, occupying about half of the former nation of Cyre and possessing a large tract of land once belonging to Breland. Sometimes called the “adventurer’s kingdom” or the “kingdom of heroes,” Eros was founded by the Eclipse Collective and acted as its base of operations for several years. The Collective brought with them a great deal of danger and excitement, and while this has quieted down since the Collective disappeared, Eros still retains much of its bold, adventurous spirit.


Eros was founded in 1000 YK by the Eclipse Collective, an adventuring company who had recently discovered the formula for “Clearstones” — hybrid works of artificery and alchemy that could clear the effects of the Mournland and its “Dead Grey Mist” in a limited area. Initially built as a frontier town in exploring and reclaiming the Mournland, the capital of Grey Titan’s Hold has grown into a sprawling metropolis.

The two years following its founding saw great expansion for Eros at considerable risk to its people. While nearly the entirety of Eros’ current demesne was acquired in that time, the kingdom was beset by all manners of supernatural disasters, some of which are so fantastic they are already considered to be mythological by some. In this window, during the reign of King Zil’dejin Firebane, Eros attracted a modest population consisting largely of adventurers and veterans, as well as the destitute and others with no other place to call home.

Zil’dejin’s disappearance and purported death at Dragon’s Crown following the March of the Damned — an event in which the collected armies of Eros marched to kill a Demon Overlord — led to the elimination of the Dead Grey Mist in its entirety, effectively wiping out the Mournland. Eros then fell into the hands of Nimozaran the Green, former steward and acting regent while the former king’s son reached maturity. Nimozaran was quick to expand the kingdom’s territory southward into the newly-exposed reaches, but the Eran explorers soon reached the iron walls of Castrum.

Eros is now ruled by Zil’dejin’s half-dragonborn son, Baelin Firebane. While Baelin’s coronation was recent, it is rumoured that he does not share his father’s views on conquest, and believes that expanding Eros to become an empire requires violence.

Society & Culture

Eros was founded by adventurers, and retains its adventurous frontier spirit, even now that it is settled and the Dead Grey Mist has departed the land. The people of Eros are viewed as tenacious, hardy, and adaptable. Its people prize accomplishments over anything else, and good stories are highly valued — most Eran citizens have a favourite story of the Eclipse Collective, or ancient kings and civilizations.

The Eran culture also emphasizes the importance of being well-rounded, in education, in combat, or in any other endeavor. This is reflected in its governorship; while the king has authority and final say, the individual members of the Eran Royal Council hold power approaching the king’s own. It is also known for laxer laws than many other nations, giving rise to such unusual institutions as the Death Magic Academy.


Eros’ chief exports are raw materials, particularly ores and stone. There is also a brisk business in artifacts from Cyre, and dragonshards harvested from Zil’dejin’s Scar, a deep chasm created by the Day of Mourning.


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