Ruler: Lhesh Haruuc
Population: 2,400,000

Darguun is the nation of goblins. Though officially a nation with a king, it is still mostly tribal after the shattering of the Dhakaani Empire of goblins collapsed in the war with the daelkyr. It is a place where laws are questionable and the meaning of “civilized” is stretched.

Key Points:

  • Unstable nation of goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears
  • Threatens to erupt into chaos when the current ruler dies
  • Very few laws actually apply here
  • Shattered remnant of a lost empire of goblins


Millennia ago, Khorvaire was home to the great Dhakaani Empire, a nation-state of goblinoids that controlled most of the continent. Around 9,000 years ago, a massive war with the daelkyr reduced the Dhakaani to nearly nothing, and its once-proud civilization splintered into scattered, savage tribes.

The goblins would not gain another true homeland until 968 YK, when goblin mercenaries recruited by House Deneith turned on their masters and seized Cyre’s southern borderlands, claiming them with the name “Darguun.” The Cyrans were driven out, and with the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK, it became recognized as a legitimate nation.

Culture & Society

In spite of its official recognition status, the culture in Darguun is still largely tribal, and its lands are frequently contested by the various factions within its borders.

Darguun does have an official ruler, however: a hobgoblin named Lhesh Haruuc Shaarat’kor, the King of the Crimson Blade, who leads a tribe called the Ghaal’dar. Though the Ghaal’dar are the most dominant military force in Darguun, they are by no means the only power. Numerous secretive Dhakaani clans, true descendants of the old empire, remain in Darguun, as do various upstart and separatist groups, like the Marguul bugbears of the deep south. Some old tribes, left over from the period between the collapse of Dhakaan and the formation of Darguun, still linger as well.

Few of the Dragonmarked Houses hold much sway here, with the possible exception of House Deneith, which still maintains enclaves throughout the nation to recruit valuable goblinoid mercenaries. House Tharashk has also recently set up in enclave in the capital of Rhukaan Draal, but the ages-old hatred between orcs and goblins has been hindering their progress.

Safe passage can be difficult in Darguun due to the abundance of slavers and raider bands attacking travelers. A flag indicating the bearer is to have safe passage can be obtained from the capital or any Darguun embassy throughout Khorvaire. These raiders are allowed to persist by the Ghaal’dar — the Laws of Galifar, established by the Treaty of Thronehold, are all but ignored here in favour of the lax laws of the goblins.


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