Becoming God

The Church of the Becoming God is the state religion of Castrum, which is slowly spreading across Khorvaire in the wake of the restoration of the Mournland. Its followers are called the “Godforged.”


Worship of the Becoming God originates in the Mournland with societies of warforged who sought refuge from prejudice and oppression after the Last War. The central tenet is fairly simple: the Godforged worship a deity they call the Becoming God, which they claim is an aggregate composed of the souls of every warforged that has died since their creation.

To the followers of the Becoming God, their deity is intangible but omnipresent, but the Godforged believe that it can be made physical on Eberron. To this end, they built a massive body, a giant warforged assembled in the center of the ruined fort by slaves the Godforged captured. It was built from scrap metal, stone, and wood recovered by scavengers, and attached to it were all manners of religious symbols from many faiths. The Godforged believe the symbols gave the body divine power to call the Becoming God.

This body was made animate in 1002 YK, at which point it laid siege to Grey Titan’s Hold. It was defeated by the Eclipse Collective, who are said to also have sabotaged the construction of the body earlier. The body was mostly broken down to help build the bladewall, the jagged metal wall that protects the interior of the capital, but it is believed that a few parts were recovered by the Godforged and continue to be worshiped.

The Godforged view this first body as “imperfect,” and unsuited for housing the Becoming God. According to the missionaries sent out beyond Castrum, contemporary worship revolves around the concept of living warforged saints who can be used as hosts for the Becoming God when it is time for the “true” incarnation. This is a symptom of the Church’s absorption of the “Blades,” a quasi-religious sect in the southern Mournland.


Practitioners file down their ghulra (the runes on the foreheads of all warforged, used as a marker of personal identity) to be unrecognizable. Many shed their old names as well, especially those seeking to emulate the example of the Resolved. The Godforged dedicate themselves to the pursuit of unique warforged identity and superiority, hoping to discover and embody whatever concepts unify warforged as a whole in order to become living hosts for the Becoming God.

Though once insular, missionaries have been dispatched to the many nations since the founding of Castrum. They are primarily interested in converting warforged, but will also preach to the so-called “self-forged,” who graft warforged parts to their own bodies.

Living Saints

The Godforged maintain a body of living saints, some of which are known to the outside world:

  • The Resolved, specifically referring to three famous warforged revolutionaries:
    • Stahlstrauss, formerly Steel. Also a member of the Eclipse Collective. Well known for his sacrifices, including his descent into hell to save the soul of Ironhand.
    • Sturmreiter, formerly Storm. One of the founders of the Church, he served as the high priest for many years and continues to do so from within the iron walls of Castrum.
    • Glasschrei, formerly Glass. Took self-modification to an insane extreme, to the point where he was said to barely resemble a warforged at all when he began his self-imposed exile from the civilized world. If he is still alive, his whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Lord of Blades, once the object of pseudo-worship by the Blades, who were absorbed by the Godforged. Rumoured by some to be the ruler of Castrum.
  • Ironhand, known to the rest of the world as Zan-kyri (sometimes “Zan-kyri Ironhand”). The only non-warforged Godforged saint, revered in particular by the few non-warforged faithful. Destroyed the head of the first incarnation of the Becoming God’s body, which is viewed by contemporary faithful as an unwitting act of purification.

Becoming God

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