“What we sow in effort, we harvest in good fortune.”
– Aundairian national motto

Population: 8,000,000
Ruler: Queen Aurala ir’Wynarn

Aundair is one of the five nations of the original Kingdom of Galifar. Although much of its western forest territory has now become the Eldeen Reaches, Aundair still possesses beautiful swaths of fertile fields that supply the nations of Khorvaire with food and fine wines while large institutions of higher learning output scholars and knowledge.


Aundair was one of the original Five Nations before the founding of the Kingdom of Galifar. At this time, it was named Thaliost after its first settlement.

Aundair’s line of royalty descends from Wrogar ir’Wynarn, son of King Jarot and twin to Wroann ir’Wynarn of Breland. The line has had amazing longevity with only one brief interruption in an otherwise perfect line of descent, and the current queen, Aurala, is well-regarded for her cunning, and in her youth was considered a great beauty.

Capital Issues

The city of Thaliost was once the capital of Aundair, but the capital was moved to Fairhaven after Thaliost fell to Thrane during the Last War. Thaliost remained in the hands of Thrane after the war, leading to diplomatic tensions between the two nations. A riot broke out in Thaliost in 998 YK, raising a lot of pro-Aundairian sentiment in the city. Immediately after the Starpeaks Invasion in 1000 YK, Queen Aurala’s brother Adal ir’Wynarn paid for the services of the elves of Valenar from High King Shaeras Vadallia, and attempted to wrest control of the city away from Thrane. The intervention of the Eclipse Collective, backed by Breland and Thrane, foiled the attempt, but caused a division of the city into two halves.

Later, in 1002 YK, Thrane and Aundair would clash over the city again when Barnus Firehope attempted to declare its independence. After a drawn out three-way conflict, Aundair withdrew, and Thrane recognized the independence of the Thal State. Aundair does not recognize the legitimacy of Thal, but maintains an uneasy peace with it.

Culture & Society

Aundair is known for its attachment to the arcane arts. The Arcane Congress is an ancient institution in Aundair, established by King Galifar a millennium ago, and to this day is often regarded as the most prestigious and reputable source of magical learning in Khorvaire, and likely in all of Eberron.

Aundair holds fine wines and liquors in high esteem, and it is said that not a single Aundairian is unable to name his or her favorite alcoholic beverage and its merits. Dueling is also a popular pastime, and most can emulate some of the more famous moves.

Some people have made a distinction between High Aundair and Low Aundair, with the line between them being drawn roughly along the House Orien trade highway running between the town of Lathleer and the city of Passage. The latter of the two is regarded as lesser than the former, though it is typically only the most pretentious of High Aundairians who care to argue this point.


Aundair’s chief exports are wine, cheese, grains, agriculture goods, and books.


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