Time Marches

The Palace of the Twisted King

Day 1 in Thelanis

The party regroups in the Ironwood Spire and sets off for a river which marks the edge of the domain of Shae Loralyndar, and the last place Evisalyth can track the missing Tharashk mercenaries to. On the way there, Reardon, Galorax, and Samson become lost, encountering some sort of strange nymph slaver on the way. Reardon and Galorax also meet a strange woman who gives them bracelets to submerge in the river’s waters in exchange for returning them to the road and their companions.

The others are cautioned by eladrin on the road of dangerous weather patterns and a rogue kingdom of something called “fomorians” ahead. They carry on anyway, and on some open plains are set upon by a storm of scorching hot water. They take shelter in a ruin, once a tradepost between two eladrin domains, and here they find evidence of a dismantled Tharashk camp. They also discover tunnels beneath the ruin, and attempt to investigate. In cramped tunnels beneath the ruin they are ambushed by meenlocks, twisted fey that thrive on fear. They are led by an eladrin sorcerer corrupted into becoming a meenlock, called the Twisted King. Unable to maneuver or see properly, the party faces tremendous losses in the tunnels — Duine and Laxus are killed, Reardon loses an eye, Peril develops a limp, and Samson is disfigured by burns.

After searching the tunnels and burning Laxus’ body (in hopes it does not become another meenlock), the party rests in the ruin, attempting to wait out the storm.

Day 2 in Thelanis

The storm subsides, and the four remaining party members make their way to the river, where they meet Vaxin, an eladrin monk specializing in channeling ki through his glaive, and Kraft, a warforged training with him to study his strength. They also encounter Elias Alastai, an archfey associated with rivers, who is revealed to have originally hired the Tharashk mercenaries while in disguise in the Material Plane. He wanted them to map the “Isle of Dread,” an island that was once in his and his sister’s control, and to discover why they can no longer exert power over it or remember any details about it. The mercenaries stumbled into Thelanis, got briefly lost, and then set on the right track, but have not been heard from since.

The party is offered the same task in exchange for a reward and escape from the Fey Courts. They take the opportunity, also seeking to locate the missing mercenaries on the Isle, and Vaxin and Kraft also decide to come along. Elias gives them a partial map and creates them a boat from reeds on the river bank, and they soon set off for the Isle of Dread.

Main Characters: Duine, Galorax, Laxus Secundus, Samson Brugnak, Peril Edenhall, Reardon MacGilabin, Kraft, Vaxin

Force of Nature II: The Sovereign Elk

Sypheros 4, 1027 YK

The party finds themselves in Ironwood Spire, where they meet the eladrin’s leader, Evisalyth. They are asked to bring the Sovereign Elk back through the rift by bonding with it, using drops of its blood to perform the bonding. They also pick up a new traveler: Garrrth Thicktrunk, an ill-mannered earth genasi wizard who seeks the weapon of his hero father.

Sypheros 5, 1027 YK

After a brief and unsuccessful side trek in which Galorax and Laxus attempt to locate a healing spring in Thelanis, the party returns through the rift with their eladrin escort (after confronting the sister of the briar troll who once protected it) and follows the path of the Sovereign Elk through the woods to Yrlag. The Elk, accompanied by several yuan-ti cultists — including the cultists’ leader, Senjarik — is steadily advancing on the palisade walls of the town.

Using the cover of a convenient fog, the party strikes at the yuan-ti while Laxus attempts to bond with the Elk. They soon learn that it is under the control of Senjarik, and so the adventurers defeat the yuan-ti before entering the Elk’s mind, also making use of some additional blood carried by the cultists. Here, they push back the poisonous magic and return the Sovereign Elk to Thelanis, finding themselves back on the other side of the rift… which has now closed.

Main Characters: Duine, Galorax, Laxus Secundus, Content Not Found: samson-brugnak, Garrrth Thicktrunk

Force of Nature I: Into the Rift

Sypheros 3, 1027 YK

The party follows Grammond the Mauve’s lead, and ends up in the town of Yrlag on the northern edge of the Shadow Marches. They find that Yrlag is experiencing frequent tremors, which are causing some townspeople to leave.

Sypheros 4, 1027 YK

After speaking with the reeve, Vlayn Felstrom, they learn that the tremors are probably somehow related to the town’s close proximity to a crossing of three leylines. She also reveals that the mercenaries did indeed visit Yrlag, and were hired by the townspeople to deal with yuan-ti cultists that have been plaguing them of late. The party follows the leylines to the crossing, and discover a shrine full of the yuan-ti. After confronting them, the party inadvertently opens a rift to Thelanis, which causes the Sovereign Elk to break free and make a slow but inexorable path towards Yrlag.

They go into the rift and, after being bloodied by a troll dwelling within, come out the other side, where they are confronted by some eladrin. The eladrin take the party as willing prisoners to meet with their leader.

Main Characters: Duine, Galorax, Laxus Secundus, Peril Edenhall, Reardon MacGilabin, Content Not Found: samson-brugnak

The Moon Spire

Rhaan 27, 1027 YK

The party arrives in the hamlet of Carbuncle, deep in the Shadow Marches. In pursuit of information about the missing House Tharashk mercenaries, they question various people. They learn that Carbuncle is full of devout Lharvionists, and that there is a tower that appears as if from nowhere for a three-day period when Lharvion is full. The tower’s appearance coincides with strange mutations in the people of the hamlet, which they consider to be a blessing.

A wizard of the Twelve, Grammond the Mauve, is in the hamlet seeking an item from inside the Moon Spire, which is going to manifest in the next three days. A diviner by specialty, he offers to track down the missing mercenaries for the party if the find the item, called the Oracular. They agree, and spend the night in a guest house.

Rhaan 28, 1027 YK

The next day, their horses are dead, and one of Galorax’s henchmen is missing. They investigate this and discover the henchmen dead as well, and attribute these strange happenings to the appearance of the tower in insubstantial form the night before. They await nightfall, when the tower appears in the moonlight, and enter.

They traverse the odd interior of the tower, where each “level” appears to be its own dimensional space. After making their way through the various dangers, many of which suggest the tower is fey in origin, they make it to the final chamber, where the Oracular is kept. They contemplate destroying it, but decide to take it back to Grammond as agreed. Using an enchantment on the cradle which held the Oracular, the party teleports out of the tower and returns the Oracular to Grammond, who in turn tells them that he can trace the mercenaries no farther than the town of Yrlag to the north.

Main Characters: Duine, Galorax, Laxus Secundus, Peril Edenhall, Reardon MacGilabin, Content Not Found: samson-brugnak

Khyber's Harvest

Rhaan 24, 1027 YK

Six adventurers — two agents of Dragonmarked Houses, two entrepreneurs, a priest, and a wanderer — enter the depths of the Shadow Marches in search of a missing company of House Tharashk mercenaries. Their first destination is the village of Blackroot, where an agent of Tharashk previously searching for the mercenaries, Doria Veledaar, was last known to have been.

Doria and her family are missing when they arrive, but they find some mostly-concealed signs of a struggle in their family home. The party finds a strange religious icon in the house and uses it to help find a trail, which leads to a cave just outside of town. The cave is guarded by orcs from Blackroot, but they push through and uncover a Cult of the Dragon Below, led by the village reeve, Toraash’Dorrm. They slay most of the cultists and kill Toraash, who was attempting to harvest souls and trap them in the many Khyber shards of the cave — once a tradition in Blackroot’s cult. They free Doria, who then points them to the hamlet of Carbuncle to the north.

Main Characters: Duine, Galorax, Laxus Secundus, Peril Edenhall, Reardon MacGilabin, Content Not Found: samson-brugnak


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