Sovereign Elk

An archfey associated with elks and northern herd beasts. Was temporarily freed into the Material Plane by yuan-ti.



The Sovereign Elk is an archfey, a powerful fey creature born from stories and legends with a domain in Thelanis. The Elk is ancient, born from legends dating back to prehistoric hunter-gatherers, but as these tales became forgotten its power waned somewhat. When the feyspires were being built by the eladrin, one was established in the Sovereign Elk’s realm of the Elkweald: Shae Loralyndar, the City of Rose and Thorn. The founding of the city bound the Elk and its power, trapping it in a cold iron prison beneath the outpost of Ironwood Spire, while the eladrin’s magic fed off it and stabilized the Elkweald to build their city.

Like the other feyspires, Shae Loralyndar became trapped in Eberron on the Day of Mourning. Ironwood Spire remained, intent on guarding the elk’s prison for the city’s return. However, a cult of yuan-ti from Xen’drik, led by the mind mage Senjarik, found their way to an ancient shrine at the confluence of three leylines in the town of Yrlag in the Shadow Marches. Senjarik freed the Sovereign Elk from its prison. The ancient archfey, furious after millennia of imprisonment and near totally mad, broke out of the Feywild and took a slow but inexorable path of destruction, guided towards Yrlag by Senjarik’s influence through blood magic.

The party killed Senjarik and used similar blood magic to calm the Sovereign Elk down, and return it to its native realm.


Sovereign Elk

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